Lexington Homes for Sale – Discovering the Interesting Cityscape of Lexington, Kentucky

If you would consider living in Lexington, Kentucky and you are now searching for a pleasing choice from available Lexington homes for sale, it would be worthy of your time to look into the interesting, wonderful and truly diversity cityscape of Lexington. With all of its awe-inspiring structures, the city boasts of featuring an urban growth frontier that consists of greenbelts and rigorous zoning classification. The primary purpose why this has been implemented is not only limited to protecting the Bluegrass landscape from the broadening development but more than that is to protect pure-bred horse farms, which is the authentic label and description that the region is well known and distinguishable for.

If you are interested to learn more about the wonderful features and structures in the city of Lexington that gives rise to the growth of the city and at the same time cause positive implication on the condition of the Lexington real estate industry, for sure you would be more than glad to see them pointed out in this article.

• Notable structures in the city of Lexington

1. The tallest structure named as the Lexington Financial Center was completed in 1987. It is a 410 feet high rise structure with 30 floors standing in that area bordered by the South Mill, Vine, and Main Streets and at present serving as a home to the Fifth Third Bank and other financial institutions.

2. Those who want to experience living in a high rise structure would certainly be satisfied with Lexington MLS featuring units that is part of the 22-storey Park Plaza. This structure features an 8-storey parking garage connected to the Lexington Public Library, which is advantageous for families who have school-age children.

3. World Trade Center that opened in 1982 is a business complex, which was originally referred to as the Vine Center and established in that portion of land bounded by the Vine, South Mill, And East Main streets.

4. Festival Market which is now popularly known as Triangle Center is home to many restaurants and coffee shops, although it was originally built to serve as a shopping and dining complex.

In addition to these notable structures, new urban developments are introduced with most of them consisting of real estate developments to offer solution for the great demands of many individuals searching for quality Lexington homes for sale. One of these is the 500s on the Main, which is located adjacent to the Victorian Square and across from the Lexington Center. It is initially planned to feature both residential and commercial spaces that will cover an entire city square block. Based on the original plan, it would feature penthouses, condo units, and urban-inspired convenience stores and dining establishments.

Other real estate developments featured in the city of Lexington include the renovated Nunn Building, a luxury townhouse development named Fairmont on Main, environmentally friendly loft structure called NewPast on Main, residential condominiums featured in Main Rose. And the number still increases as years go by with the commitment of Lexington real estate to provide the needs of people in search for homes created in a fashion that would suggest pleasant city living without having to compromise the ambiance of horse-farm lifestyle, which makes Lexington, Kentucky a unique location for your new home.

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