My Experience in the World of Parenting

Through my pre-marital life, I used to hear two notions a lot from my parents. One, it is not easy to be a parent and it is wonderful to be a parent. I always used to wonder, why exactly they quote an absolutely contradictory statement for parenting.

Now being a parent, I can easily comprehend the meaning of these statements. Now I know why my parents used to stop me from doing thoughtless things, which made sense at that time and I always argued with them to the extent that it made them angry.

Now I know how much my parents went through to provide me the best of the education and facilities. How much comfort they have sacrificed to provide us the better life. Indeed, parenting is not an easy thing.

On the other hand, the happiness which came to our life at the birth of the baby, or even before the birth, is infinite. Our life became centered around our baby. Our efforts are to do the best for our children. We make countless sacrifices for them till our last breath.

The personal life of a couple is affected. Our time is for our children. Everything becomes for "our baby" now. Our priorities change. A child demands individual & undivided attention from his parents. For this purpose, sometimes emotional bond between a couple begins to fade.

Now I understand why my parents never buy anything they like. They make excuses when they do not want to buy certain thing and tell us they will buy that specific thing even better from somewhere else. As a parent, we have to give up all our choices of our likes. Parents sacrifice their future for a better future of their kids. They start living out of their comfort zone.

Social life vanishes from the life of a parent until the kid becomes independent. Most mothers quit their career to better raise their kids. Their desires from the favorite food to favorite place & wardrobe of their liking deviates.

Despite all these facts, parenting is the most beautiful thing for many. A few of us consider this a challenge because we want our children to become productive, successful, god fearing, disciplined & a good human being. For a parent their children always come first. Their success as a family is a success of a society.

Due to these purposes if a child misbehaves or does something negative, it not only affects emotionally to some parents but they also lose precious relationship between them for a lifetime. Their love for children is absolute. A parent never retires. In later ages parents also need love & care from their children. If their children are not available for them just imagine the disturbance they will suffer. If they get back pure love & care from their children in old age that would be enough for them to be proud of their nurturing.

Source by Hira Zohaib

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Leaders Need Great Followers – 6 Roles of Great Followers

The leader and follower structure indicates that leaders need followers and followers need leaders. In other words, leaders not only provide support to those that follow them but followers in return are needed to support the leader in their quest to achieve success. The truth is leaders and followers are not separate entities; Instead, they come together to form a dynamic relationship. That's why the statement, "there is no leader in the absence of followers" embarks on the importance of the role of the follower.

This leads us to the question of "what role do followers have in making the leader successful?" The role of the follower can take on many functions including improving the relationship, resisting improper influence, providing advice and coaching, and challenging flawed plans and policies. All of these are roles and others allow the follower to actively contribute to the success and effectiveness of the leader.

Some of the specific roles and behaviors great followers exhibit that contribute to the success of a leader include the following:

  1. Being a courageous follower, challenging flawed plans and proposals – Great followers are not afraid to challenge the leader when they feel the leader is making a mistake or going down the wrong path. A follower must be courageous enough to voice his or her opinion, challenge current thinking and challenge leadership decisions that they believe are misguided or unethical. A great follower knows that one of the most important responsibilities that they have to their leader is to provide accurate feedback on the leaders plans. By doing so they ensure that the leader has the necessary information to make critical decisions.
  2. Supporting the leaders vision and their efforts to make necessary changes – Great followers support the leaders decisions and strategies by working cooperatively and conscientiously and extending the leaders vision to others through the organization. This helps to develop trust and support between the leader and followers. However, followers must also be okay with a credential check on the leader. When leaders ask followers to follow their strategic direction and to support their vision for a better future, followers must be willing to ask themselves the tough question, based on past experiences can this leader be trusted, and act accordingly. When a follower follows someone they do not trust, they not only run the risk of eroding their own self-esteem but also diminish their own professional value to the organization as well in the process.
  3. Encouraging a relationship of open and honest feedback – Great followers encourage the leader to provide honest feedback about his or her performance. This is also one way to improve mutual trust between the leader and the follower. By continuing to encourage the leader to provide feedback, the follower helps to develop effective coaching and performance management capabilities within the leader.
  4. Appreciating and recognizing effective leadership – Everyone wants to know that their efforts are making a difference and that they are appreciated including leaders. Great followers are comfortable with expressing appreciation and offering praise when a leader achieves a major milestone, solves a critical problem and / or delivers on a mission critical goal. The very act of showing appreciation and praise helps to reinvigorate desirable and effective leadership practices. It is also a way to help create a more trusting and favorable relationship between the leader and leader when done with the utmost sincerity.
  5. Open supporting agreed to leadership decisions – Great followers understand the importance of showing unity and loyalty to decisions that are made. Just as leaders have a responsibility to listen to the ideas of followers, in return, followers have a responsibility to support the agreed to decisions.
  6. Upwardly coaching and counseling the leader when appropriate – Coaching is normally viewed as something that happens as part of a leader behavior but followers also have the opportunity to coach leaders as part of the process of being a follower. Followers who provide helpful advice, suggestions for improvement and insightful information for the leader enable opportunities for the leader to continue learn.

The truth of the matter is, it takes both the leader and the follower working together in a dynamic relationship, each one clearly executing on the critical role they have in the relationship, to accomplish effective leadership. Therefore, it is important to realize that, as a powerful and great follower, individuals have a great opportunity to directly create a unique effect on leadership success. And just as the process of being a great follower helps leaders grow and succeed, in most cases, followers will find they also learn, develop and grow along the way.

Source by Angela Chammas

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A Guide on How to Perform Amazing Cunilingus – 3 Tips to Make You a Master of Oral Pleasure

Cunilingus is one of my favorite sexual moves for several reasons. Firstly, not many guys do it, and those that do are usually terrible at it. This gives me an advantage over any other guys out there, and makes sure that I stick in her mind for a while – putting me fairly high on any girl’s “black book” pretty much straight away.

Secondly, if you know what you’re doing, cunalingus is one of the easiest, most powerful ways to get a woman off that you could ever devise. Unfortunately, many men find cunilingus a foreign and strange animal, so to help them out I’ve written this guide in the hopes that it will allow them to give a woman amazing oral sex. So then, what exactly are the hot tips to giving a girl amazing cunilingus that will have her screaming for more every single time?

1. Be Gentle

You don’t want to know how many horror stories I’ve heard from girls who have had a gentleman try to perform cunilingus on her, only to treat the act like he’s a dog trying to lick the ketchup off a hot dog.

Guys, please, treat this act as it was intended – a slow, sensual rollercoaster ride of wonder. Remember that everything down there is quite sensitive, so there’s no need to apply extra pressure unless she asks you to. In fact, she’ll feel pretty much everything – some girls have said that they quite enjoy the subtle touches, such as a partner tracing the alphabet on her clitoris, for example. Ultimately, remember that small actions can create big differences, so be sure to treat the act appropriately.

2. Find It and Use It

Most guys who are unable to help their girlfriend achieve orgasm are making one very serious mistake – they are ignoring (or, at the very least, not paying enough attention to) the clitoris.

Don’t get me wrong here. No one’s asking you to focus all your attention on it, but please, make sure you give it a generous dose of lovin’. More importantly, when things get really hot and heavy (as in she’s getting close to climax), make sure you focus a lot of stimulation on the clitoris, as rhythmic clitoral stimulation is what is really going to get her off at the end of the day.

3. Try and Secure a Clean Workspace

If you’re not into it, she’ll know. And nothing can be a bigger deterrent for you than a vagina that is hairy and smells strongly.

Of course, bringing this kind of thing up can be very difficult, so try to ensure you are as tactful as possible about it. A good way to get around this is to suggest you both take a shower together as a form of foreplay, which will allow you to have ample opportunities of washing out her vagina under the pretense of heavy foreplay. And if you want her to trim down the hair, or shave it altogether, just ask her – though you might want to try mentioning that it will make things far more pleasurable and sensual for both of you.

If you can apply these useful tips, I promise you your experiences with cunilingus will henceforth be far more positive, and you will enjoy the act a lot more. And as a direct result of this, she will enjoy the act a lot more – and then her experiences with cunilingus will be truly awesome.

Source by Daniel Scott

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Business Relationship Building – Handling "Sticky" Situations with Clients and Peers

Recently a friend of mine, who is also a member of an active discussion group to which I belong, asked us all for advice. He had a contract for a three-week school program for which he planned to take off time from his regular employment. What he hadn’t known at the time the three-week commitment was made was that he would be receiving a promotion in the company of his regular employ that would not only mean a better income for him and his family, but also many more hours of work and no chance of being able to take off three weeks.

He felt terrible and guilty, but knew that he would have to “face the music” so to speak. He found a fine substitute for his program and then contacted the teacher with whom he had made his initial contract and was dismayed by her reaction to his dilemma. As you might imagine, this well meaning man stirred up a variety of feelings among the discussion group members.

The numerous interchanges made me consider what went wrong and what might have been a more workable solution. But, most of all, it reinforced the importance of realizing that there are three sides to every situation – my side, your side, and the real side, somewhere in the middle. Following are some of my thoughts and opinions on ways to handle sticky situations with clients – and all others, for that matter.

Start by dealing with your emotions. When the teacher was informed of the change, it appears that she overreacted and sent my friend an e-mail accusing him of “non-professional” behavior. This is when he overreacted and told us all the story, including references to “sleepless nights” his “22 days and nights” working away from his family due to the extra work of the new position. Now, I am not passing any judgment because I only heard one side of the story.

Many others in our group, however, reacted – because they respect and know my friend well – with a number of critical remarks about the unreasonable and “hardened” teacher. Then a couple of group members tried to look at the whole situation from the teacher’s point of view, and everyone became even more emotional. It is so natural for us to let feelings – especially if we have a passion for what we do – take over. This whole scenario caused angry words among the members of our usually congenial group. And, it most certainly didn’t solve anyone’s problems.

Many in our group condemned the teacher and suggested that my friend talk to the principal. Personally, I felt that this might worsen what was already a far from perfect solution. I guess that I might have apologized profusely to the teacher in question – even in person – and admitted that I was the one in the wrong.

I realize that we all have our side of the story. Yet, if we take time to put ourselves into the other side, our relationships will grow instead of shattering.

Source by Chris King

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Marry a Filipina – Is it Really For You?

You have decided to seek a Filipino Bride. Have you really done enough research? Chances are, probably not. Educate your self and you will be on the right track to haveing a beautiful, loving and loyal Filipina wife. My Filipina wife and I have been married for 3 years in September. It was the best decesion of my life but it may not be for everyone. Check this out and see.

There are many things a man should consider when seeking a Filipino Bride. Of course the awesome endearing qualities of the Filipina are very attractive to most men on the planet. They are beautiful, loyal, family dedicated, respectful and are raised with a special sense of honor that is know as delicadesa. Which is a Spanish term. Directly translated to English means daintiness.

Before you start or expand your education there are a few questions you need to ask yourself.

1. Can you afford this adventure? In the USA you will need to provide proof of meeting your bride to be at least one time. Meaning you will have to visit her at least once in the Philippines. Or what ever country she resides. My wife was working in Japan when we met and when I went to see her we had a great time. I recommend you visit her twice and do NOT get married on the first visit. There is more on the reason why on our website. The average cost of taking a trip to the Philippines from the US is $3000 total. Which includes your flight and hotel and a few extras. If you reside closer to the Philippines then good for you.

2. Are you aware of the enormous amounts of scammers on most Filipino dating sites? There are many professional daters that are very good at conning men out of their hard earned money. I should know I lost more than a few $ on one. Since starting our site I have found her pictures on at least 5 different sites.

3. What exactly do you know about the Philippine culture? At the very least read up on some of the dos and don’ts of the culture here. Most Filipinos will tolerate the typical westerner but you will be more well liked and respected if you learn some of the practices of the culture here. It would also be wise to learn the Philippine history also. You will have a better understanding of the culture if you do. Here are some great sites to get you started. Philippine Culture and Philippine History.

Source by Chad Tell

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Want To Attract A Married Woman? Read My Secret Tips To Help You Attract A Married Women With Ease!

Imagine something for a moment. The wife who lives next door, the housewives who live down the street, the wives you see in the mall on a Sunday morning, every wife you know or could ever bump into: imagine if you had the know-how to seduce half of them; heck, imagine if you could seduce just one percent.

This short article is my attempt to boil down everything you need to know to attract a married woman.

Let me ask you this: why would any guy want to seduce a wife?

Now let me give you some food for thought.

Most men – and, I’m guessing, this applies to you – who want to have relationships with wives do so for sexual encounters or, as they are more commonly known, hookups. A wife, unlike a single woman, is the perfect woman for a man like you or any man. She has no real interest in your career; she could care less if you drive a sports car; she has no interest in the bank balance or the size of your home. The married woman is, in fact, not interested in most things that would interest a single woman. She is, in fact, interested in the same thing as you: a sexual meeting.

It is for these very reasons that clever men like yourself want to learn how to attract a married woman.

These ladies want what you want and they are infinitely easier to seduce than women without husbands.

So let me now give you the information you came here to read: my boiled down tips to seduce wives.

To make things more digestible, I’ll give you three tips. And these are really all you need to know.

Firstly, married ladies have anxieties about cheating.

It is your job to get rid of these fears. She will worry about being caught, about how it will make her feel, about whether another man can find her attractive, and whether or not she will have regrets. You need to tackle each anxiety. Once she has no fears, she becomes many times more likely to cheat with you.

Secondly, you need to make it very clear to her that you have no intention of wanting more than a fun fling.

Married women looking to cheat want men who are seeking casual relationships. Give her the impression that you want marriage or that you are seeking love and you stand very little chance of seducing her.

And, thirdly, my final tip for how you can attract a married woman. It is a sad fact of life that married relationships become stale.

What I mean is the excitement disappears. And, compounding this, both parties stop making an effort. So what can and should you do? You should bring excitement and fun to her life. Take her on a surprise date to something totally unexpected. Notice her beauty and let her know. Make an effort yourself to look the best you can look (new clothes and men’s fragrance work wonders).

Wife seduction always boils down to these three principles. Remember them and you will instantly put yourself ahead of the game!

Source by Angelina Andrews

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40 Good Reasons To Practice Mindful Parenting

Mindfulness and meditation have proven beneficial for both parents and children. More and more studies are uncovering the short- and long-term benefits of incorporating mindful parenting practices into families’ lives (1).

Meditation and mindfulness are not mere techniques. They are states of being that bring less suffering, more presence, and peace into one’s life. Once a person has experienced the benefits of these practices and the ways in which they permeate our daily life and being, there is no going back. Mindfulness and meditation practices have a positive impact not only on the practitioner but also the people that surround this individual, including our children.

A Google search offers this simple definition of mindfulness: “A mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations.” Renowned meditation teacher John Kabat-Zinn also emphasizes the importance of noticing “nonjudgmentally” (2) because suffering is caused by the judgments we place on our perceptions.

Individuals who have chosen to apply these practices to their parenting have seen improvements in their own lives and the lives of their children. If you are not convinced of the value of these practices and wonder if they are just a fad, here are 40 benefits meditation and mindfulness can provide for parents and children.

For parents, meditation and mindfulness practices offer numerous benefits:

  1. Develops more patience because we do not mix in our problems with those of our child.
  2. Reduces reactivity because we respond from a calm place instead of from past wounds when children push our buttons.
  3. Cultivates emotional awareness.
  4. Allows us to exercise self-regulation.
  5. Slows down time because we become more fully involved in our child’s life, and so do not miss out on the wonderful and simple moments of their childhood, which goes by too fast.
  6. Develops gratitude for all the mundane and extraordinary moments with our child.
  7. Helps us to become in tune with and accepting of our child’s actual needs, thus allowing us to make better choices.
  8. Promotes secure attachment with our child and a trusting relationship.
  9. Enables us to be more present, which allows space for us to listen with full attention and be able to validate our children.
  10. Develops compassionate and non-judgmental awareness in all interactions.
  11. Facilitates finding pleasure in and appreciating simple things.
  12. Helps us cope during stressful moments, such as tantrums or emotional outbursts.
  13. Promotes our ability to model proper emotion management, and this is how children learn best: by imitation.
  14. Prevents our children from becoming fearful or traumatized by our out of control reactions or screaming.
  15. Improves parenting interventions (3).
  16. Reduces stress, anxiety, and depression.
  17. Improves the immune system, which means parents are healthier (4).
  18. Promotes greater satisfaction with our parenting skills and therefore with our relationships with our children.
  19. Facilitates incorporating mindfulness into all aspects of our lives (5).

Children can also experience many benefits from meditation and mindfulness practices:

  1. Develops the area of the brain responsible for emotion regulation and impulse control.
  2. Reduces stress, anxiety, and fears.
  3. Allows for a less reactive state to emerge.
  4. Promotes feelings of safety and security.
  5. Improves self-esteem and self-confidence because children feel heard, seen, and validated.
  6. Develops problem-solving skills by developing self-reflection and self-awareness, instead of being reactive and living on autopilot.
  7. Develops conscious individuals.
  8. Improves emotion management.
  9. Improves resilience.
  10. Cultivates better self-awareness of their thoughts, feelings, and sensations. Children become better skilled at communicating their needs to others.
  11. Promotes healthy psycho-social development in children. Improved social skills and interactions emerge because children become skilled communicators. Conversely, they become good listeners themselves.
  12. Creates grateful children able to live in the present moment.
  13. Fosters compassion and empathy for others; they become less self-centered.
  14. Diminishes behavioural problems, while improving emotional health and behavioural functioning (6) (7).
  15. Improves attention, focus, concentration, memory, and learning (4).
  16. Improves emotional intelligence.
  17. Reduces reactivity to others’ anger. They do not take it personally.
  18. Promotes self-reliance by teaching them to accept and tolerate their own emotions, feelings, sensations, and thoughts. In turn, they find comfort within by learning to soothe and calm themselves without depending on external factors.
  19. Allows children to find happiness from the inside, independent of external circumstances.
  20. Improves parent-child relationship during adolescence.
  21. Cultivates more emotionally and socially competent youth(8)(9).

If you are new to mindfulness, start small. Choose moments throughout your day where you can pay attention to the unfolding of each moment. Become the non-judgmental observer of the experiences taken in by your five senses. Moreover, take in the beauty of your life. Incorporating mindfulness and meditation into our family life can only prove beneficial to all those involved.


  1. Many of the benefits covered in this post are also summarized here: Duncan, L.G., Coatsworth, J.D. & Greenberg, M.T.(2009) A Model of Mindful Parenting: Implications for Parent-Child Relationships and Prevention Research Clin Child Fam Psychol Rev. 2009 Sep; 12(3): 255-270.
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Source by Dr. Gina Madrigrano

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What is Character?

What is character? According to the dictionary, character means

1. a distinctive trait;

2. behavior typical of a person or group;

3. moral strength;

4. reputation.

Character is an evaluation of a particular individual’s moral qualities. It can also imply a variety of attributes including the existence of lack of virtues such as integrity, courage, fortitude, honesty and loyalty, or of good behaviors or habits. When someone is a moral character, it is primarily referring to the assemblage of qualities that distinguish one individual from another.

When we watch a movie or read a book we usually think of the characters. Even though sometimes the character is complex most of the time they tend to be usually good or bad. Even in the early days of the western, you could tell the characters by the color of their outfits and hats. Although we tend to support the good character and cheer them on as they go about their lives. We want to see them succeed. But in real life character is much more complicated. We are all an array of good and bad character traits. We need to make a conscience decision to do what is right. Depending on your choices, we are either rewarded or have to pay the consequences.

The United States Air Force Academy definition is “We define character as the sum of those qualities of moral excellence that stimulate a person to do the right thing, which is manifested through right and proper actions despite internal or external pressures to the contrary.”

When we think of someone with good character or morals we can find many who fit the bill. One of the men I think about is Noah. Even if you are not biblical you have heard of Noah. Noah was a man who God chose as being a person of good character. Noah was a just man. He was righteous in conduct and character. He was a man vindicated by God. He was also able to maintain his integrity as he was being ridiculed by his peers. He was a role model for them and by being a man of good standing and did not waiver in his conviction, God protected Noah and his family.

Another quote by an author unknown says, “Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.”

In looking at the negative side of character for a brief moment. The current situation on Wall Street shows the CEO’s of these firms as greedy. Shows a lack of integrity.

Once your character has been destroyed how long do you think it would take for others to trust you again? Would your character ever be totally repaired? Would there always be a hint of question surrounding you?

Remember when dealing with others keep your character intact. Also, remember the true test of character is what you do when no one is watching you. Do you act the same way when you are alone as you do when you are with others. As Abraham Lincoln said, “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.”

Source by Nancy A. Wood

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Profile Photo Tips – Dos and Don'ts

The question often comes up on what types of pictures to put up on dating sites, and how many. Typically, you want to put up more than one picture, and include photos of yourself in different places and circumstances, engaging in different activities. This gives potential dates an idea of ​​what kinds of things you enjoy, and where you like to go.

Beyond that, here are a few dos and don'ts that may help you decide on which photos to upload.

1) Do post pictures of yourself smiling. This generally is considered more positively by most people, and makes you seem friendly. A friendly, smiling face is also more likely to generate interest and encourage communication.

2) Do not post pictures that include ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends. This may seem obvious, but many people post pictures with previous romantic acquentions, sometimes in cuddly situations, and this can be a turnoff to many people. Remember, people are on dating sites to start new relationships, and if you have photos of yourself in previous relationships, it may seem like you are not over them yet.

3) Do include full body photos if you can. Many people express a preference for more than just a head shot. If you show just your face, some people think you may be hiding something. Even if you do not have the best figure, it's better to show at least 1/2 to 3/4 of your body to give a better idea of ​​what you look like. People are going to find out how you look anyway anyway, and it's better to be upfront.

4) Do post recent pictures. 2 or 3 year-old photos may still be okay, but a picture from 5 to 10 years ago is probably not appropriate or representative of how you look now. We all looked better when we were a lot youngger, but the point should be to post photos that are accurate and show who you are today.

5) Do post clear, well-lit pictures. Many people have photos that are too dark or otherwise unclear. Again, this may come off like you are hiding something. It should not be difficult to get a clear photo using any decent digital camera. Dark / light photos can be adjusted with photo imaging software, and if you do not have one, a friend can probably edit the picture for you in 5 minutes.

6) Do use natural photos instead of glamor shots.

7) Do edit your photos. Do not make them too small, and crop out unnecessary things or empty space from the photo. The pictures should be about you, so eliminate anything that does not relate directly to who you are.

Make sure you pick your photos carefully. Have fun selecting your photos, and as much as possible, use photos that bring out what makes you unique and special.

Source by Lester Thompson

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5 Tasks Your Online Home Business Can Do On Autopilot

When you run an online home business time and money are limited. So you ensure that you can devote as much time as possible to tasks that generate income. The most successful online businesses use automation in some form or another. You just can’t keep up with everything if you try and handle them manually. Here are 5 ways you can automate tasks for your online home business.

1. Blog Post Publishing

To rank well in the search engines and stay relevant you need to post new and high quality content onto your website a regular basis. The best way to do this is to set up a blog. When you have a blog post ready to publish, you don’t want to have to log into your website and carry out this task manually. All of the top blogging platforms, like WordPress, have built-in scheduling capabilities. This means you can write several posts at once, and schedule them for specific publishing dates in the future.

2. List-Building

One of the most important tasks for your online home business is developing a list of email subscribers. Whenever someone visits your website, offer them a free resource or product in return for their email address. Your autoresponder software can then send them your freebie on autopilot. You can literally schedule a year’s worth of email delivery ahead of time. This improves the relationship you have with your audience.

3. Social Media

Social media allows you reach out and connect with your target audience. The online world has become very social and your customers are using platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Your online home business needs to be on social media too, but it takes a lot of time to log-in to all the social media sites every day. There are plenty of social media automation tools which can schedule your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram posts.

4. Comment Moderation

Your website content can become a magnet for internet trolls and spam. Akismet software saves you time by filtering incoming comments that are nothing more than click-bait, trash and self-serving backlinks.

5. Website Research

Google Alerts will send you a notification every time a relevant search term or topic appears somewhere on the web. For example, if your online home business is about childcare, you can set up a Google alert for “child car-seat guidelines”. Ensure your search terms are included in quotes or you could be bogged down with the amount of notifications you receive.

Source by Jon Allo

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