Coming Out at Midlife – The Story of the Late Bloomer Lesbian

Can a Late Bloomer Really Not Know Until Midlife?

Yes. In the most common scenario, the late bloomer is married and tied closely to her community. But it happens to singles as well.

What helps to launch the coming-out process is that something changes that gets her out of her comfortable little niche. Perhaps she takes a new job or joins a group or committee.

This change places her in the path of lots of different women and eventually, she finds one she admires. Let’s call her The Catalyst (TC).

If she is at work, then TC is likely to be her boss or someone she works closely with most of the time she’s there.

Such frequent contact leads to admiring her even more. Maybe she even begins to care more about her appearance and consider her words and actions carefully because she wants this new friend to think well of her.

Because they are spending so much time together, they become close.

Does she notice that whenever she is around TC, the air seems alive and vibrant? That laughing with her is more fun than any other part of her day? Does she realize how important TC has become to her?

Not at first. But she is aware that she finds herself thinking a lot about TC. And she may realize that seeing her friend is the best thing about her part-time job or the most fun part of the weekly committee meeting.

Eventually, it dawns on her that she has a crush on TC.

But that is not the coming-out moment! It may still be a while before she connects the dots. She may not take it seriously, assuming that it is just a really strong friendship. But finally, she will become aware of sexual thoughts about CW and that is when it will dawn on her that something is happening outside the realm of friendship.

That moment is the one in which she begins to come out to herself.

Challenges of Coming Out at Midlife

1) Single lesbians have to let go of the myth of Prince Charming and a walk down the aisle with a man. For married lesbians, coming out may dismantle the illusion that working on the marriage is what will make them happy again.

2) A common and realistic fear is that society will disapprove. If the late bloomer has “done everything right” up ’til now, traditional marriage, couple of kids, a house and a dog, daring to be different is a daunting proposition.

3) If their families don’t know, that might be an even bigger challenge. Worry about how family members will react often keeps late bloomers quiet.

4) If they are active in churches that are not open and accepting, then that is another hurdle they may dread facing.

Source by Jeanine Byers

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Samsung G600 – Simply Great to Operate

Samsung is one particular brand that has managed to actualise the expectations of the mobile phone users to a great extent. This brand has always lived up to the expectations of the people in producing both high end and basic handsets. However, the Samsung handsets are particularly known for their class apart designs. Therefore, the latest Samsung G600 is also not an exception.

This latest handset is also very trendy and comes with very sleek dimensions and lightweight. Quite amazingly, this handset weighs just 104 gms and comes with dimensions of 101 x 47.8 x 14.9 mm. The 2.2. inches TFT screen of this handset displays images with the support of 16 million colours and boasts of display resolutions of 240 x 320 pixels.

The Samsung G600 is very trendy and class apart in terms of storage capacity also. Its 55 MB embedded memory can be used to store innumerable data but, that too can be expanded with the support of microSD (TransFlash) card. AS a matter of fact, with the support of the memory card, you can expand the storage capacity according to your requirements.

The 5 mega pixels camera of this mobile phone would permit you to capture far, still, moving and close images without any hassles and that too with bright and sharp clarity. This camera phone has the potential to snap and store images with high resolutions of 2592 x 1944 pixels. Moreover, the extra options such as image stabiliser, flash and auto focus would assist you during the photographic sessions at ease.

Mobile phones are now ruling the wish list of almost every type of people. Moreover, when the Samsung mobile phones are concerned, people give a thumbs up to this brand as almost every model stands apart in the competition with high end designs and advanced specifications. The Latest Samsung G600 handset even comes enriched with high tech options such as document viewer, enticing music player, Bluetooth printing, WAP browser, TV out and built-in-handsfree etc. Thus, it would be a good decision for you, if you opt this handset to enhance both your communication and entertainment options.

Source by Alden Jerry

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5 Smart Tips to Outpace Customer Expectations

Technology is evolving with time and along with the latest technological innovations, customer expectations are also growing at an exponential pace. In most of the cases, customers expect some outcome that is beyond what you can actually deliver. Thanks to the veteran mobile app developers, who are constantly upgrading their imagination power and offering innovative and creative app enhancement solutions using the latest technological advancements. Here are a few quick tips on how you can outpace your customer’s expectation and stand out from your competitors.

  • Figure Out Your Target Audience

Before engaging yourself with a mobile app development process, it is advisable to pinpoint your target audience like who are going to use your app. Understanding your customer’s requirements is very vital. Do an in-depth research on the ongoing market trends. This would not only help you to come up with something that would satisfy your customer’s needs but would help you to reach the targeted sales figure as well.

  • Be Transparent

The more your app development process and business operation are transparent, the more you would be able to win your customer’s trust. When it comes to the point of customer satisfaction, this trust aspect is one of the keystones along with top-notch business standards. You should always keep the fact in your mind that the secret to grow a long-term relationship with your clients is maintaining transparency. It is advisable to keep all the business related policies.

  • Provide Clear-Cut Timelines

Clients become very frustrated with the issues like system slow down or crash, bugs etc. What makes them more agitated is a fuzzy or ambiguous timeline. Hence, you need to make sure that you are maintaining a transparent timeline. See, issues may occur, which is not a too much atypical thing but resolving the issues within the mentioned timeline is crucial. The customer support team should let the customers know how long it would take to resolve the issues and should cater the clients with solutions as quickly as possible.

  • Use Up-to-Date Technology

In today’s tech-savvy era, be smart enough to use the latest technological innovations. It would not only help you to offer your customers better user-experience through your app but would help you to stay far ahead of your potent competitors in this competing market.

  • Take Advantage of Social Media

Nowadays, the more you can stay connected with your customers, the more they can trust your services. The varieties of social media platforms have brought this lucrative opportunity to you; take advantage of these platforms wisely. Social media platforms are not only for promoting your services. Customers can share their valuable feedbacks easily and you can improve your service or product quality based on the feedbacks. Improved customer experience is going to leave a good impression on your service.

In today’s competitive business market, to stand out from the crowd, you have to offer something special. Try to follow the above-mentioned tips; only then you can exceed your customer’s expectation.

Source by Rob Stephen

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Starving for Intimacy

Some are seeking love in a bottle. Others look for it on the streets and many are trying to find it in their food.

Most of our food is grown on acres of land, sprayed by airplanes, cut by machines, moved by trucks or boats to plants adjusted to grind, package and ship. It is sent to stores where in bright colored wrappers; We are sold by seduction the richness of this product. We take it home open the can, package or jar one at a time to "feed" ourselves and maybe our family. The goal is often speed as we have or have had other obligations in the day. TV may be our entertainment as we consume this meal intended to nurture us.

This food is also sold to a distribution plant where it is sent to food chains across the country to feed a growing segment of the population. They take the food, mix it to their formula in large vats, package it in measured amounts, ship it by trucks to their outlets to be prepared quickly by workers for their breakfast lunch and dinner crowds. In these restaurants or at drive through windows food is dispersed in plastics or paper with speed as the goal so each of us can meet deadlines, time limits and multiple obligations. Some of us eat in our cars as we drive to other destinations or eat at our desk. What would happen if each day we had a pause in the day's occupation as Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said in his poem The Children's Hour

Between the dark and the daylight,

When the night is beginning to lower,

Comes a pause in the day's occupations,

That is known as the Children's Hour.

Every day we hear on TV or read in newspapers and magazines of this new disease – obesity impacting all ages, cultures and communities. Is it any wonder for we are starving for intelligence and are trying to feed that need.

There is a growing market these days for organic and slow cooking and is it any wonder. We are coming to the realization of how to meet our needs as we feed ourselves each day .. Organic farmers know their soil is the foundation for their crop production. They have prepared it to meet the needs of each seed they plant. They walk their fields observing the soils' needs and the challenges and the requirements of each crop The food may be picked by family or they will run the machines. Their cows or chickens may have names and they raise their family in this true home-based business. This food is usually sold at a farmers market or sent to the co-op or health food stores who buy from regional suppliers. The food bought this way is taken home and prepared as a meal served at the table feeding one or a large number as they gather to share and laugh together.

There is a growing trend with chefs to buy from these farmers and they often ask for specialty foods for their demanding customers. These customers are people who dine out in a relaxed atmosphere and get fed food prepared by inspired hands.

We can find a similar commitment to feed their customers in the Mom and Pop restaurants. They may specialize in grits and eggs or chili and stews and they prepare it from their recipes and often times with food from local sources.

There is a saying "A bitter cook bakes a bitter bread". Is it then not true there is a missing link in our food chain; That of caring. Caring for the food that feeds us. Caring for the food as it is prepared. Is love not the missing ingredient in much of our food supply today. Is that not why many of us are staring for intimacy. Would not love in growing, love in preparing and joy in eating change the way we look and feel. Food, in order to feed our body and our souls must be grown, prepared and ateen with an intention of caring, of love.

Sophia Loren said the most vital ingredient in any recipe is love. Would it not be wise to add love to every dish we make, serve and eat.
Save some of those candy hearts and serve them with each meal as a reminder of the love in your food and the joy in your life. I think it might be the best diet you will find for the next year.

© 2004 Susan Bacon Trumpfheller

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Excess Vaginal Wetness – What are Your Options

Vaginal Wetness during Sex: YOU MAY BE WETTER THAN NECESSARY!

Most of us assume that sex is best when wet, but are you feeling as much as you could be from intercourse? Just like a car engine, there is an upper and lower range that is required for maximum performance.

Too much natural lubrication (wetness) during sex reduces pleasure for both partners. Females lose greater stimulation along the vaginal walls. Men lose out on the corresponding ‘tight’ sensation that they love. We all have an optimum level of friction that is required to enable heightened pleasure for both partners, thus leading to easier climax. This level of stimulation can most easily be obtained by experimenting with your wetness level. Sex could be much more satisfying than what you think it already is.

A woman’s wetness level increases naturally as arousal increases. But for some ladies, even the slightest turn-on is enough to produce an extravagant amount of lubrication. If excess wetness is a problem for you, OR if you wish to simply experiment with different levels of wetness, seeking the most pleasurable ‘tight’ sensation for your man, what can you do?

First, realize that there is more involved in sex than just the intercourse part of it. More women achieve orgasms by clitoral stimulation than by intercourse. However, intercourse is an intimate act & should be satisfying when possible. If it is not enjoyable, then a couple will more than likely become romantically distant. This is the beginning of marriage deterioration.

Secondly, you should see your doctor to be sure there is no infection, abnormalities, or other problem causing your excess wetness, especially if it is something new. Don’t take chances!

Medical Options:

The most radical solution to excess wetness is surgery. This should be your last resort, & is rarely necessary. Other medical procedures include freezing or lasering the cervix to reduce secretions, electrical stimulation, & treatment with magnetic fields. These treatments can variously be painful, costly, & time consuming. There is no guarantee of success or that the problem will not return.

Non-Medical Options:

There are numerous options, but few realistic ones. Here are some common things couples try (including some “old wives tales”) & comments about their effectiveness.

1) Anything that dries up the mouth. In general, if it dries the mouth, then it will also affect the vagina somewhat. Examples would be decongestants, antihistamines, cold formulas, certain antidepressants, alcohol, cigarettes, & marijuana. While these may work to some degree, wetness & corresponding tightness levels are not controllable, not to mention that a dry mouth is not as tasty during kissing & is more conductive to bad breath due to lack of saliva.

2) Try an Alum Douche. We’ve heard of this, but don’t know any doctor recommending it. Alum acts to contract walls of vagina, but can be irritating & cause yeast infections. There’s no way to judge how long it will last nor a way to control the extent of tightening

3) Use a ribbed condom or penis sleeve. Excess wetness remains a problem with or without a condom. Penis sleeves help the man feel more, but tends to numb the woman’s vagina after a few minutes, making her uncomfortable.

4) Douche with plain water. This has some impact by reducing the amount of natural lubrication, but the effect tends to vanish as the woman’s arousal increases, resulting in secretion of even more lubrication.

5) Insert a sponge or cloth. One of the more embarrassing techniques as it must be done intermittently. Couples find this a big turn off. The technique though, is to wrap a thin sheet/towel around a couple of fingers. Insert the fingers to soak up vaginal wetness. Proceed with intercourse. Repeat as necessary. While this method does work, re-entry of vagina is difficult & painful because this method absorbs ALL the lubrication. Within a few minutes however, as arousal increases again, there will once again be too much wetness. With this method, there is no way of controlling the desired level of wetness & tightness.

6) Use of a fan blowing on the genital area. Not a practical solution, as it primarily results in making the couple cold, while having little impact on internal vaginal secretions.

7) Use of birth control pills. An old wives tale without any validity.

8) Repositioning her body. Certain positions, such as closing of the legs, act to tighten the vagina, but unless the man has a longer than average penis, he will find it far less satisfying due to shallower penetration.

9) Insert an ice cube into the vagina to cause muscle contraction. Another old wives tale, not to mention the obvious discomfort.

10) Vaginal Cones. Very similar in concept to kegal exercises. The idea here is to exercise the vaginal muscles by holding an object inside the vagina by flexing the interior muscles. Increasingly heavier weights can be placed inside. The theory is sound, but females have a difficult time staying on this type of program long enough to be of benefit, not to mention that like any muscle, if it is not continually worked, it will lose its strength. The other disadvantage is that to be of benefit during intercourse, the female must consciously flex her interior muscles, thus taking away from her ability to relax & enjoy the act of intercourse itself.

11) Creams. There are a couple of these on the internet now being marketed under many different names. If you already suffer from excess wetness, adding a cream to the existing problem is not going to help. Manufacturers say the creams have a tightening effect on the vagina within 15-30 minutes, but evidence shows that any NOTICEABLE tightening effects is minimal to none. Application of the cream to the interior walls of the vagina is difficult, embarrassing & must be properly timed to correspond with intercourse. Some of the creams contain benzocaine, alum or Vaseline, none of which are recommended for being inserted into the vagina. To check out more on these creams, look on the internet under ‘vaginal tightening.’

12) AbsorbShun natural powder. Is an ‘all-natural’ powder that either the man or woman can apply to the man’s penis. It is simple & quick to use, & has a noticeable moisture absorbing effect within 1-2 minutes. The more powder used, the more absorption, thus allowing the couple to find (and control) their most preferred moisture & tightness level. For more information on this product, go to

Whatever option you choose, you should look for a solution that is satisfactory for both partners. Finding the right level of lubrication can lead to greater sexual pleasure, more frequent sex, & a closer relationship between partners.

Source by Cynthia Koss

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My Acne Facts and Conclusions – The Real Cause

Fifteen years of treating acne with almost every available topical and oral solutions, and using different treatments without success, forced me to search for a direct cause of acne.

My facts and conclusions:

1. Hormones are chemical substances, which regulate ALL functions in human body (they tell organs and cells what to do)

2. In the human body there exists various hormones, but for acne, we are interested in testosterone (androgen)

3. The most active androgens are testosterone, precisely 5-testosterone (DHT) and they control SEBUM production. Too much of Sebum leads to acne formation. Why we have no acne before puberty? Simply because testosterone formation begins in puberty.

4. Other hormones can also aggravate acne, but they are not direct cause. Example: Stressful situations, when our body produce hormone called glucocorticosteroids.

5. The DIRECT cause of Acne is not: food, stress, poor hygiene, vitamins and bacteria on our skin. Bacteria is just last player in our story. Even hormones are not a direct cause.

The direct cause of Acne is HORMONAL IMBALANCE in the first place, and toxins in our body in the second place.

This is my list of main acne causes:

Complex Mix of causes of Prostaglandin insufficiency > insufficiency of Prostaglandins > Hormonal imbalance > Liver can not remove all those hormones and send it to the skin > Acne

As you can see, liver health is very important.

What the hell is prostaglandin, you ask? The messengers, or communicators between the cells and the hormones are called Prostaglandins and without them there will be no communication between the cells and your hormones. When there is no communication, hormones will be out of balance. Prostaglandins are biochemicals that communicate with hormones and cells and trigger cells into action.

Prostaglandins work inside the cells and help regulate the function of cells and organs through the communication of cells and hormones. Prostaglandins make sure your androgen hormones are in balance, as they regulate your hormones so that just the right amount of sebum will be produced by your skin oil glands and thus prevent excess amounts of sebum production that leads to acne.

6. Why there is no sufficient number of prostaglandins in our bodies? Because we have no enough of GLA- gamma-linnolenic acid, which is main precursor of prostaglandins. GLA is a special fatty acid from which the body can produce Prostaglandins. GLA is made from LA-Linolenic Acid, which we take through the various food. Main problem is inability of our body to convert LA to GLA, because of stress. Bad habits, foods, alcohol, lack of vitamins etc. (if we have no enough GLA, our body can not produce prostaglandins, which regulate hormones).

7. What’s happening when we are out of prostaglandins? Hormonal imbalance! If there is an over-load of hormones in your body, the liver can have problems removing them. Liver sends overbalanced hormones our skin in form of ACNE! So, Strong Liver is a must for all acne sufferers!

8. So, what is the final solution for Acne?

Answer is Restoration of Hormonal balance and making your liver stronger. This can not be done with topical and oral drugs. It can be done with HERBS and their extracts in form of tablets. GLA is main ingredient of Omega 6 fatty acid. It is best absorbed together with other fatty acids EPA and DHA.

Source Naturals ArcticPure EFA Fish Oil Contains: Essential fatty acids EPA, DHA, and GLA

Evening primrose oil is an oil rich in essential fatty acids, polyunsaturated fats that are as essential as vitamins and minerals for the maintenance of good health. The oil contains 74 percent linolenic acid (LA) and 8-10 percent gamma linolenic acid (GLA). Although other oils such as borage oil and black currant oil contain higher amounts of GLA, evening primrose oil is by far the most popular and familiar source of this fatty acid.

Some herbs make your liver stronger. Milk Thistle is best known.

Source by Nigor Nikolic

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How to Stop Being a "Commitaphobe"

For some of us, commitment is a terrifying prospect. Whether it be marriage, moving in together, or simply labelling a relationship. When things get too serious, our fight-or-flight response kicks in and we bolt like the demons of hell are chasing us.

It’s unfair for us and the people we’re dating. So how do we change it?

Take Things Slow

There’s no need to rush these sorts of things. Relationships don’t have time limits. If you take it one day at a time and just enjoy doing things with your partner, there won’t be anything to panic over. Don’t think that after a certain time period, you need to either “move things along” or break it off. It takes a while to know if you’re with the right person and you don’t need to rush into making that decision.

Communicate with your Partner

Communication is everything. If your partner tries to take a step that you’re not ready for, let them know. If they care about you, they’ll be understanding enough to wait until you feel comfortable advancing the relationship. Make sure they know that you are still invested in them, but that you’re just not ready for the next big thing. Take time to think about why exactly you’re nervous about it and discuss it with them. Then, when you’re ready, proceed.

Focus on the Now

The biggest issue for people that struggle with commitment is that they worry too much about the future. What if we don’t know each other well enough to make our relationship official? If we move in together, what will happen in the event of a break up? If we get married, what happens if I fall out of love with you? Thinking about every possible outcome of doing something is, of course, going to make you think that ending things is the best option. Instead, focus on the present. Think about how you feel now. If you love that person, really, truly love them, then make the most of it. Don’t worry about how long it may or may not last. Just enjoy it while it does.

Change Takes Time

If you’re afraid of commitment, it’s likely because the relationships around you haven’t been great examples. You’re terrified of getting stuck with the wrong person. Don’t fret. When you do meet the right person, you will know. And taking these steps will help you to properly commit to them.

Source by Emma Scoble

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The Information Technology Curse – An Analogy

One typical day in the office, Mr. Boss calls a meeting with Mr. IT to describe the task he would like to have completed. Mr. Boss starts by saying he has budgeted some money for a simple project that goes to the store to pick up a t-shirt, a pair of shoe laces, and a small bag of popcorn. After a brief discussion, Mr. IT assures Mr. Boss that his department can take care of the task right away. Mr. IT takes the money from Mr. Boss, and heads out to accomplish the assignment. Mr. IT goes to the garage to get the car he will be driving to the store, only to learn that the only car available has a manual transmission, and the company has scheduled a class to teach several employees how to drive a stick shift. Mr. IT is informed that he must wait for the class to be completed before he can have the car to complete his task.

Several hours pass, and the automobile is finally made available to Mr. IT. When he gets the car, he learns that it is very low on fuel, so he will have to budget the time and money to refuel the car at a gas station on his way to the store, and he will have to spend a significant portion Of the money he got from Mr. Boss to buy enough fuel for the car to complete the assignment. Already behind schedule, Mr. IT rushes to the convenience store to purchase the three items on his list. When he arrives at the store, he is told by the clerk that this store has shoes laces and popcorn, but does not carry t-shirts. Thinking fast, Mr. IT grabs a bag of popcorn and a pair of shoe laces, and gives them to the clerk for check out. When the clerk tries to ring up the purchase, he scans the bar codes on the items, and the register shows a total of $ 200 for the items. Mr. IT tells the clerk that this price can not possibly be right for popcorn and shoe laces. The clerk tries again, and gets the same results. Mr. IT asks the clerk to ring up the purchase manually, but the clerk says he does not have any way to ring up a purchase manually. Mr. IT decides to put the items back on the shelf and go to a different place to purchase the items he needs. He calls ahead on his cell phone to the next store, and is assured by the person on the other end that this store carries all three items at an acceptable price.

With this new information at hand, Mr. IT rushes to the next store before it closes to purchase its items. The clerks at this new store are eager to have Mr. IT's business, so they send out some clerks to gather up the items and bring them to the cash register. Mr. It is about to purchase the items when he notices a big hole in the t-shirt, popcorn leaking from the bag, and dirt all over the shoe laces. Getting frustrated with the situation, Mr. IT calls the store manager to register his dissatisfaction with what has been delivered, and the store manager sends more clerks out to gather items that are not defective. Mr. IT examines the new items brought to him, and sees that the t-shirt and popcorn are fine, but there is only one shoe lace instead of two. The clerk who bought the shoe lace tells Mr. IT that he inadvertently left the other shoe lace on the desk in the manager's office, and Mr. IT can go to the office to get the other shoe lace after completing his purchase. Mr. IT pays for the items he has, and takes the sales receipt to the store manager's office to retrieve the other shoe lace. As Mr. IT enters the office, the missing shoe lace is indeed on the desk in plain sight, but as he reaches out to pick it up, the store manager shows and requests him what he is doing in the office. Mr. IT shows the manager his purchase receipt, and points out that he has come into the office to retrieve the other shoe lace he has paid for. The store manager tells Mr. IT that this office is private, and he can not allow people to come in and take things out of the office without first checking with the people in his store to verify the story. After several phone calls and meetings, the store manager verifies that the shoe lace was put in his office by a store clerk, and Mr. IT was sent there to get it.

Now that Mr. IT is long past due back at his own office, he jumps into the car and races back toward work. Three blocks short of his destination, Mr. It's automobile runs our of fuel, and he has to ask some people passing by to help him push the car back to the parking lot. When he arrives to confront Mr. Boss, Mr. IT delivers the items he bought, and tries to explain the unforeseen problems he had in carrying out what Mr. Boss received to be the simplest of tasks. Mr. Boss listens to the explanation with no small amount of skepticism, but decides to look over the goods that Mr. IT has brought back. On viewing the purchased items, Mr. Boss tells IT that he bought the wrong brand of popcorn, and bought back the wrong color of shoe laces. Mr. Boss says he is very disappointed that Mr. IT has proven to be so inept at carrying out such an easy assignment, and wonders what would have happened if he had given Mr. IT is more difficult task to accomplish. Mr. Boss decides to fire Mr. IT, and replace him with someone he believes to be better suited to achieve the company's goals. Unfortunately for Mr. Boss, the new Mr. IT lives and works in India, and can not speak English. Is anyone interested in becoming Mr. IT.

Source by John Dir

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Unsecured Business Loans – Why They Are Becoming So Popular

Unsecured business loans are increasing in popularity day by day. If you run a business, whether it is small or large, you may want to look into an unsecured business loans – here's why they are increasing in popularity …

Overcome the Shortage of Funds

In this day and age, the economy is not doing that great. For this reason, many businesses have already crashed due to a shortage of funds. If you currently own a business, do not let the shortage of funds crash your business – with the help of an unsecured business loan, you will be able to overcome the shortage of funds.

An Unsecured Business Loan Can be Hassle Free

With the proper documentation, getting an unsecured business loan can be hassle free. All you have to do is fill out an application, present the proper documentation and the financial institution will take it from there.

Receive the Money in as Little as 48 Hours

When you have a business that is on the line, you need money right away. Many financial institutions are able to get money to a borrower in as little as 48 hours. In order to make sure you get your money fast, you need to have the proper documentation ready – this includes proof of income, tax statements, accounts payable and receivable statements, business financial statements and business plan and projections.

No Collateral

With an unsecured business loan, you do not have to put anything up front – this means you will not be at risk of losing your house or car if you fail to pay the money. All you have to do is make sure you make your payments on time.

Offers Additional Flexibility

As a business, having extra cash on hand to use whenever you need it would be great. It's even better when the cash is not being leveraged against your assets. You can use the extra money to cover slow payroll during a slow month, purchase that new server you have been needing for quite some time or make improvements to the property.

Build a Good Relationship with a Lender

By getting a loan, as long as you pay the money back on time, you will be building a good relationship with a lender – this is something that every business needs. It is always good to know that if you need a loan, the lender is there to give it to you. In any business, having a good relationship with a lender will make it easier to get a loan if you ever run into trouble. Many times, businesses are able to get these loans because they already have a good relationship with the lender or because they are in a good financial position.

If you are interested in an unsecured business loan, go ahead and search for the right financial institution. Remember, even if you do not need the money, it may be a good idea to go ahead and get a loan so that you can start building a good relationship with a lender.

Source by Steven Fitzpatrick

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What It Takes For An Agent To Become A Real Estate PROFESSIONAL

In nearly every state, there is a mandated procedure, for one to be a licensed real estate agent. This generally includes training, an examination, and usually, mandated continuing education. Usually, it also requires, associating with a licensed broker, who also must abide by certain requirements, etc. However, simply being a licensed agent, even if a financially successful one, does not automatically translate, to becoming a PROFESSIONAL. This requires a much greater commitment to outstanding ethics, comprehensive planning, study, and the desire to serve one’s clients and customers, to the best of his (or her) abilities! It means going the extra mile, always!

1. Preparation; planning: Many agents prepare and present a CMA (Competitive Market Analysis), but true professionals, carefully select the properties, to compare to, adjust properly, and Tell you what you need to know, not just what you want to hear (TM). It requires custom preparation, and avoiding the one – size – fits – all approach!

2. Relationships; Realtor (R): How do you develop relationships, and prove your value and professionalism? Are you a Realtor, merely because of the broker you associate with, or do you abide by the Code of Ethics, and take advantage of the education, services, etc?

3. Options: How carefully, and thoroughly, do you explain the options and opportunities, to your clients and customers? Do you go beyond the ordinary, all the time?

4. Financing; familiarity; finesse: Are you more than simply familiar with the area you show real estate, but are you knowledgable and expert? Do you handle tasks with finesse, and preparation? Do you explain financing options and necessities, pre – qualifying buyers, and explaining sellers’ responsibilities, etc?

5. Empathy; excellence; ethics: When was the last time you gave yourself a checkup – from – the – neck – up, and reminded yourself, it’s not about you, but those you serve? Are you an empathetic agent? Will you demand personal excellence, in everything you do? Will you maintain your personal ethics, not only to the letter, but to the spirit of both the codes and laws?

6. System: Have you taken the time, and made the effort, to fine – tune, your marketing, advertising, selling, etc, system, and fully explain it, to your customers and clients, to their understanding and satisfaction?

7. Strengths: Know your strengths and use them! Identify areas of weakness, and address them!

8. Integrity: Will you commit to absolute integrity, even when others don’t, or won’t, and remain professional and ethical, at all times, when serving customers and/ or clients?

9. Organized: Are you ready for any conceivable contingency, and sufficiently organized and efficient, to best serve your client’s needs? What aids might you use?

10. Attitude; attention: Will you maintain a positive, can – do attitude, and be an uplifting influence? Are you prepared to pay attention, to both the obvious/ apparent, as well as the often – overlooked details?

11. Listen/ learn: laws: Obviously, you must obey the laws, but a professional does so, automatically, and without hesitation and/ or temptation! Will you discipline yourself, enough, to truly listen effectively, and learn from everything you hear, see, and/ or experience?

Do you want to become a true, real estate PROFESSIONAL? Will you do what’s necessary, to make that leap?

Source by Richard Brody

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